Food Service

Cardinal has had a long and proud history of serving the North American restaurant and hospitality industry for over 60 years.

When our founder Ralph Cator made the decision to start selling burgers wholesale into the foodservice market back in the 1960’s, it was just the beginning of a long history of Cardinal becoming a full service solution provider to all facets of the industry.  

Cardinal has been developing products with our unique knowledge of various food service business models in mind.  We don’t simply develop and sell proteins to our customers, but we take pride in understanding the unique challenges each food service business encounters (being it equipment or labour challenges, creating consistency across multi-unit operations, requiring faster cook times or the need for versatile products that can work across multiple menu items) to develop product solutions no matter the challenge.

If you’re looking to not only improve your guest experience in the menu offerings you serve, but also want the most convenient, cost effective, versatile & food safe proteins on the market to help your businesses bottom line, drop us a line

No matter what the unique challenges of your business…we believe there’s a better way.

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