The way consumers shop and what they expect from the proteins they buy are changing. Are the products you’re offering changing with them?

Cardinal Meats has a wide array of fresh and frozen proteins that can meet the needs of different consumer budgets, culinary and healthy eating preferences. Cardinal has perfected their line up of burgers and fully cooked products to meet an array of different consumer needs and uses.  For every family need, we produce on-trend, family favourite, restaurant quality proteins that are nutritious and convenient.

With innovation at the core of everything we do, we are able to develop unique options that meet unmet consumer needs for the grocery retail environment.

Looking for options in your frozen burger category that present unique flavour profiles to a consumer always looking to please their family with new flavours?  Cardinal has a line of proprietary NTF, Stuffed & inclusion burger products to meet any consumer palette.

Trying to find the next convenient fully cooked meal offering for the busy, time starved consumer looking for healthy, convenient meals to serve their busy families?  Our line of Cardinal Safe Sous Vide™ products is the industry's only line of fully cooked proteins delivering clean-deck nutritional proteins that are perfectly delicious, in no time, every time.

No matter what the unique challenges of your consumer…we believe there’s a better way.





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