Expanding A Menu With Limited Equipment

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Problem: When purchased in 2015, the Wild Wing team was faced with a lofty objective: Further expand their menu offerings through innovative product development that complimented their current menu. Seems easy enough, but Wild Wing only had friers, a Merrychef oven and a Combi oven, in their kitchens. With over 100 locations in Canada, they needed to find products that would work within their existing kitchen equipment, would offer a consistent experience from coast to coast, and would fit within their cost models. The search was on…

Solution: Ribs were a natural fit for the Wild Wing menu and the addition was exciting new news for their customers. After looking at several pork back rib products on the market and extensive testing of Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ rib products across multiple store locations, Wild Wing chose Cardinal as their official supplier. As the Ribs are fully cooked and food safe, there was no concern around handling raw materials in the kitchen. The product simply came fully sauced out of the bag and was easy to execute with their existing kitchen staff and equipment. The result was a consistent, quality, exciting new menu item that increased profitability, while still using the existing equipment in their kitchens. Ribs have become a delicious mainstay on the Wild Wing menu ever since!

Todd Matthews, Wild Wing Hospitality Inc.’s Vice President of Operations, discusses how Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ Ribs have been a great addition the menu: