Years of Perfecting the Best Tasting Burgers

Cardinal was the first company to produce Tender-Form® burgers in Canada, and the first to turn them into a menu item in restaurants across Canada. That was over 56 years ago, and we’ve been innovating the burger category ever since with our award-winning Natural Texture Forming™ technology, flavour stuffing capabilities, Tender-Form® filling, plant-based options and more!

Superior Innovation

PROBLEM: Food service kitchens were seeing issues with burger patties shrinking, not cooking evenly & “cupping” during the cooking process. In addition, the amount of time it took to cook the burger from start to finish was just too long.

SOLUTION: To solve for the inefficiencies in cupping and even heat disbursement, Cardinal created its Natural Texture Formed burger, now known across the industry as “NTF”.  NTF is a revolutionary forming technology that combines unique meat fibre alignment and gentle pressure forming to create an unbelievable meat texture and bite.  Like no other burger it creates a superior burger texture & bite, retains more moisture & cooks faster than any other burgers

In 2013, NTF was awarded as Sysco’s innovative product of the year, and has now become the new industry standard in burger technology.  It can be found in major grocery retailers and restaurants across Canada and the United States.

Features / Benefits

Reputable Quality

You have most likely already enjoyed a Cardinal Burger! We have worked alongside several reputable restaurants and brands such as Harvey’s, A&W, Burger King, Moxie’s, Costco, Metro, Sobeys and more to deliver the best quality burgers, tailored to their needs. We are the frozen, functional burger experts in North America. Heck, we’ve even been inducted into the North American Meat Industry (NAMI) Hall Of Fame. Cardinal burgers have also won the Grand Prix award (best new product innovation) with every major grocery retailer in Canada'

Custom Capabilities

With different Burger product options including; stuffed burgers, Tender-Form® burgers, Natural Texture Forming burgers, Veggie Burgers, customized flavour burgers and more! We have a number of ways to deliver what consumers love about Burgers in an array of different retail product and restaurant menu options.









Some of our burger products:
  • Butcher-style Angus Beef Burgers
  • Butcher-style Beef Burgers
  • Butcher-style Sirloin Beef Burgers
  • Halal Butcher-style Beef Burgers
  • Roadhouse Angus Beef Burgers
  • Roadhouse Beef Burgers
  • STUFFED Bacon & Cheddar Beef Burgers
  • Beef Burgers with spice
  • Beef Burgers, Raised Without (RWA) 
  • Bistro Beef Burgers
  • Mini Beef Burgers
  • Prime Rib Beef Burgers
  • Veggie Burgers
  • Beefburgers
  • Halal Beef Burgers
  • Select Beef Burgers
  • Fresh-Cook Fully Cooked Beef Burgers, FRESH
  • Fully Cooked Beef Burgers

Looking for time-saving, cost-cutting burger solutions that don’t sacrifice quality or taste?

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