Factory Outlet

Thank You for 32 years of loyalty to the Cardinal Factory Outlet.

On November 22nd 2013, the Cardinal Outlet store will close after 32 years of serving the community. The space is needed as part Cardinal’s growth so that we can keep offering you and your family the best meat products. To help you find the Cardinal products that you love, please see the list below for nearby retailers that carry our products or you can phone Karen Cator at 905-459-4436 and she will help you find a retailer that carries the specific product that you want. Please look for some product specials in the weeks leading up to November 22nd and again, thank for your loyalty and patronage. It’s been our pleasure.
• Rabba
• Longo’s
• Cousins
• Battaglia's
• Apple Market
• Metro
• Michael- Angelo’s
• Galati
• Commisso’s





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