Cardinal Meat Specialist Joint Health and Safety Committee

Safety Policy 2020

Cardinal Meat Specialists Limited is committed to providing a safe, healthy work environment for its employees.

The prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational illness will be integrated into all aspects of every work activity at Cardinal.

To achieve this objective:

  • Cardinal’s Joint Health & Safety Committee has the full support and participation of Senior Management of the company. It represents all Cardinal employees and is responsible to oversee workplace inspections; analyze, discuss and make recommendations on all health and safety issues.
  • All managers and supervisory personnel are responsible to provide a safe workplace as well as to control and/or eliminate hazards due to occupational or environmental conditions.
  • All managers and supervisory personnel are responsible for the provision of adequate protective equipment, tools and devices and for the development of work procedures which will ensure employee safety.
  • All employees will follow the Safety Rules and bring any unsafe conditions to the attention of a Supervisor or Joint Health and Safety Committee member. Safety is a team responsibility and it is up to everyone to lookout for the safety of themselves and their co-workers.
  • All managers and supervisory personnel will provide employees with adequate introduction and training programs so that all Cardinal employees are qualified to perform their job safely.

Together, we will comply with the spirit & intent of Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Together, we will build a shared sense of responsibility for safety.

Together, we will strive to attain our goal.

Brent Cator