The Cardinal Philosophy

Cardinal’s Philosophy and Core Values actively guide ‘The way we do things around here’.

Cardinal Meat Specialists exists to serve the needs of its customers.

  • We aim to be the premier supplier of products and services, which our customers perceive to be of consistent high quality.
  • We will charge a fair price for our goods and services.
  • We will maintain good communications between ourselves and our customers.
  • We will respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ needs and wants.
  • We will constantly seek better ways to serve our customers.
  • We will strive to lead our industry in the generation of useful innovation and in productivity

Cardinal Meat Specialists strives to maintain an environment, which will attract, retain and motivate the best people possible.

  • We will foster a climate that will allow employees to perform to their fullest potential.
  • We will provide employees with the opportunity to achieve job and financial security, advancement within Cardinal, recognition of achievement and reward for performance.
  • We will seek to maintain safe functional and attractive physical facilities.

Cardinal Meat Specialists firmly believes in teamwork.

  • We will encourage all employees to work together harmoniously and to help each other be successful.
  • We will assist employees in developing plans to achieve their goals and in relating those personal goals with the achievement of group and company goals.

Honesty and integrity will be the cornerstones of all our dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

By doing these things in a professional, planned manner, we expect to generate a fair profit and to remain a healthy growth company.


Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a leadership philosophy and a hallmark of the Cardinal Culture.

Servant leaders empower their work teams and give back to their employees, turning the traditional leadership pyramid upside down. Instead of people working to serve the leader, the leader exists to inspire and equip the people they influence.

“Cardinal is Servant Leadership at its best.”

Skip Torresson